This section is dedicated to assuring our members have access to quality training materials in the hope of enhancing Officer safety. Below is a list of training materials that have either been purchased by or were donated to the Lodge. If you wish to donate training material or check out any materials please contact President Stephen Espinet, Vice President Kenneth Haas, or Web Master Raoul Watson. We ask that training materials be returned within seven day to give others access to the materials.

Any materials marked Law Enforcement Only (LEO Only) will only be provided to active members. We also still offer LEO Only training videos and Officer Safety Alerts under our members only section.

 DVD Library:
1. Defensive Firearms Use In Public 
        (by Second Amendment Foundation)
2. Extreme Close Quarters Shooting 
        (by Second Amendment Foundation)
3. Advance Pistol Handling 
        (by Valhalla Personal Defense DVD Series)
4. Combat Focus Shooting & 
    Home Defense Tips  (by Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series/ 
                                 Advance Personal Defense)
5. Tactical Readiness: Shooting In 
    Realistic Environments  
        (by Guns & Ammo Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series)
6. Advance Concealed Carry  (by Lenny Magill)
7. Counter Blade Concepts (by Michael D. Janich)

DISCLAIMER: Our Lodge does not endorse or recommend any of the training materials, techniques, or tactics presented. We provide the materials solely for educational purposes and accept no responsibility or liability for the use, misuse, or implementation of any of the techniques, tactics, or concepts presented in the training materials.

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