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MAY 2018
FOP Latest Events
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MAY 2018
    FOP - State Memorial Service 2018



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    FOP Travel Benefits
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MAY 2017
    FOP - State Memorial Service 201
Al Castro Sr

Sunday, January 10, 2016. It is with great sadness we report the passing of Al Castro. Al has been the Lodge's Trustee for years and was the former President of Lodge 636.

Our Brother in Arms has been called Home. He will be truly missed, and may his soul rest in everlasting peace.

Paying our final respects to our Brother Al Castro at RG Ortiz Funeral home, Bronx, New York.


      posted 09/28/15

Group photo from our Ninth Annual Shoot event

      posted 10/02/14

Photos from our Eighth Annual Shoot event

      posted 03/10/14

Home Loan Program
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Photos from our Seventh Annual Shoot event
Kenneth Dunn

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013. It is with great sadness we report the passing of Kenneth Dunn. Kenny has been the Lodge's Sergeant of Arms for years and held that position till his passing. He had battled cancer for some time and fought the disease till the end.

Kenny's life exemplified public service. From being a young Marine in Vietnam he served his country throughout his life. He had a successful career in the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, retiring as a Senior Officer Specialist at MCC, NY. Even in retirement he continued to serve by leading the local VFW in Brooklyn. Protecting America from all enemies foreign and domestic was in his blood, and protecting and serving his fellow Marines and Officers was what he was all about. We were proud to have him amongst us and call him one of our own.
      posted 05/18/12
MAY 2012
    State Memorial Service 2012

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Photo Albums from our  Fifth Annual Shoot event
     The Bourne's Album   (group pictures)
     The Lodge's Album  

      posted 09/19/11
MAY 2011
    State Memorial Service 2011

    DC Memorial Service 2011
      posted 12/30/10
Photo Albums from our  Fourth Annual Shoot event
     Gordon & Bourne's Album

     Other Album

      posted 12/14/10

Congratulations to Officer Milton L. Gonzalez Jr. for winning the
32" HD TV raffle!


     posted 10/12/10
On October 12, 2010, President Barack H. Obama II signed S. 1132, the “Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act,” into law. The Act, now Public Law 111-272, went into effect immediately. Read the act in our LEOSA / HR 218 Section


     posted 10/09/10
The U.S. House of Representatives, passed S. 1132 bill on 9/29/10. It is on its way to the president to be signed and all indications indicated that the President will sign this bill into law. This bill is a significant positive changes to the current PL108-277 especially provisions for retired officers. The bill also covers ammunition which was not covered in the original LEOSA bill. It also makes it easier for retiree to do the yearly qualifications. The bill would also lower the aggregate years of service needed to meet the definition of qualified retired law enforcement officer from fifteen (15) to ten (10) and removes confusing language related to that same definition. It also covers law enforcement officers employed by the Amtrak and Federal Reserve Police Departments, as well as those employed by the executive branch of the Federal Government who are classified as a GS-0083 branch especially the U.S. Department of Defense meet the definition of qualified law enforcement officer in current law. Read the act in our LEOSA / HR 218 Section
 posted 9/11/07
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