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Welcome to the world of politics. This section is provided to update viewers of our Lodge’s legislative priorities. Vice President Haas is the Lodge’s Legislative Coordinator. He is very active in pursuing our legislative agenda by writing letters, meeting with members of Congress and their staff and coordinating our legislative efforts with the National FOP. If you have a Local, State, or Federal legislative issue you feel we should actively engage in please contact VP Haas.

We encourage all our members and their families and friends to get involved in the political process. We also encourage our members, families and friends to support those politicians that support us and our causes this section, you will find legislative issues, news, and activities.

With 2019 upon us we are entering a new Congressional year with new opportunities to pursue our legislative agenda. This year our priority will be to continue last years HR 6105 and reintroduce this bill to amend LEOSA once again. Senator Don Bacon (NE) reintroduced this bill as HR 1156. Please ask your representatives to support and become a co-sponsor of HR 1156 introduced by senator Don Bacon (NE).


In summary, the bill looks to reform vagueness language in the law in several areas:

States Magazine Capacity Limitations:
This presents issues for officers crossing state lines and retiring with their duty weapon. It also contravenes the intent of LEOSA.

The Federal Gun Free School Zone Act (GFSZA):
to allow law enforcement officers to be armed in and around schools.

The National Park prohibition:
Since LEOSA is a federal law, it should apply on federal property.

Qualification Standards:
The standards should be the same across the country and simplified.

Sample letter to send to your representative (word doc)

Sample letter to send to your representative (PDF doc)



A letter from the Vice President
to Senator Schumer

FOP Letter to NY Governor re: NY Gun Safe Act

FOP Alert: Changes in NY Gun Laws

Judge Skretny decision on NY Safe Act

Senator Schumer pushes for
increase funding for BOP staffing

FOP President's Letter to BOP re: Gun Storage
FOP President's Response to BOP Proposed CFR

BOP Gun Locker Policy

Editorial Corner
    Dissecting 18 USC §930

    NJ Continues to dismantle LEOSA

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