Our Lodge is comprised of both active and associate members. Active members are working or retired law enforcement officers with statutory arrest authority. Any full-time, sworn law enforcement officer with arrest powers who is employed by a government entity may become a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Any person who met the preceding requirement and then met that law enforcement agency’s requirements for retirement is also eligible to become an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Associate members are persons required to be individuals of good character and are sponsored by an active member. Both our active and associate membership is varied. Over the years we invited and continue to invite all local, state and federal law enforcement officers to join our Lodge. We are proud with the resulting diverse array of law enforcement agencies represented in our Lodge. We currently have active officers from the United States Bureau of Prisons, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Police Department, Federal Air Marshal Service, New York City Police Department, US Customs and Border Protection, New York State Corrections, US Department of Veteran's Affairs Police, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Secret Service, and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

We will gladly accept any active members from any Local, State, or Federal law enforcement agency. Any current or retired law enforcement officer who lives or works in New York State can be an active member of our Lodge. To join you simply need to print our application, fill it out, and mail it and a check or money order to our Lodge address. If you are joining as an active member you will be required to submit a copy of your government issued photographic law enforcement identification for verification purposes. If necessary we may request further documentation to show you have statutory arrest authority. Any new applications received after August 1, will be held for the remainder of the year and applied to next year's membership year. This will constitute payment in full for the coming year.

If you do not meet the requirements of active membership please join us as an associate member. Associate members need not be members of the law enforcement community, but still need to be persons of good moral character. Please fill out the same
application to join us, just indicate you are applying as an associate member, not active. Send the application with a check or money order to our Lodge address.

Once your application is processed you will be mailed your membership packet. Associate members will receive a National FOP Membership Card, a New York State FOP Membership Card, and a National FOP Vehicle Decal. Active members will receive an Active National FOP Membership Card, an Active New York State FOP Membership Card, a National FOP Courtesy Card, a New York State FOP Courtesy Card, and an Active National FOP Vehicle Decal. Upon receiving your membership package you will be eligible for all the benefits listed in our benefits section and you will be provided your password to the
members only section of our website. Most importantly both new active and new associate members will be joining the largest and most dedicated law enforcement organization in the world.

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