Welcome to the New York State Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 222, Loyal Knights of New York. The Fraternal Order of Police is the largest law enforcement organization with over 326,000 members. We are a local lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) that consists of both Active and Associate members.

Our purpose is to serve our members, the law enforcement community and the community at large. We have a committed executive board which wants to make this Lodge a success and keep you safe and informed. We have general meetings and events for our members at a minimum of once a quarter. At the meetings we go over Lodge business but always try to have an educational or training component. If anyone wishes to be a presenter or has any ideas please contact us. Presentations need not be law enforcement oriented, we look for any topic that may benefit our membership.

The benefits of belonging to the FOP are so numerous we created a separate section on this site for you to view them all. Our Lodge is committed to keeping our costs to our members as low as possible. Our yearly dues are currently $50. If you wish to join as an active or associate member please go to our Join Us section for additional information and an application. We have several tabs on the left of our website to highlight the many activities and programs we are involved in. Our Officers section lists our Lodge’s current executive board. There is a News and Photos section which continually updates our members of ongoing and upcoming events. We have a very comprehensive LEOSA section to provide materials on this often confusing law. We have a Legislative section to keep our viewers aware of our legislative priorities and efforts. In addition we have a Training section which offers our members access to various training materials. There is also a link to the NY Missing and Exploited Children, a program we support at the local and national level. I hope you take the time to explore our website and learn more about our Lodge. You may also try the National FOP website at www.fop.net or the New York State FOP site at www.NYSFOP.org for more information on the FOP. We encourage all those interested to join. If you are already an active member of our Lodge do not forget to enter our members only section for updates, safety alerts, videos, and discounts.

We are always interested in comments, suggestions, and ideas. Anyone can write us with a comment or an idea. You may write us at our address above or e-mail us at our link (see Contact Us). We also consider education a big part of what we do so if you have a question feel free to write or e-mail us and we will have someone respond.

Fraternally yours,

Stephen A. Espinet
President NYSFOP Lodge 222
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